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Luxury Lifestyle Consulting

About Us

Onitia Frazier is the owner and founder of Definitions, Luxury Lifestyle Consulting, LLC. She started this company to nurture her passion for working with people and helping them enhance their personal style and quality of life.  She receives enjoyment and takes a personal interest in providing support to others and helping them find solutions to various everyday challenges. 

Having worked in the customer service arena for over 15 years, Onitia has great expertise with problem solving, paying close attention to details, and providing that special touch to make an experience more memorable.  Her eloquent style and remarkable taste is admired and respected by many. 

Onitia thrives on challenges and takes pride in finding solutions, which in turn, alleviate unnecessary stresses from others.  The knowledge and experience that she holds, allows her the opportunity to provide excellent personalized services to manage certain aspects of life that people generally do not enjoy or have the time and patience for. She created Definitions with the intent of lending valuable support to those in need.


Onitia has had the honor and privilege of working for a large and prestigious fashion retailer, a highly respected non-profit community service organization, and a leading financial institution.  In the time spent with these companies, she wore many hats, and gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  Her hard work, accountability, dedication and professionalism have left a lasting impression on those she has had the privilege of servicing and working for.